Our new live-cinema work 2062 has been developped at Seoul Art Space Hongeun, at Joao García Miguel’s “La Coisa”, at Festival Alt de Vigo ( co-producer) and at Borgo Ensemble in Nürnberg. The premiere was held at the International Figurentheater Festival Erlangen, Nürnberg, Fürth in Germany.

2062 is the result of a 6 months research, in which we have been investigating forms of story telling, using shadow play, live video, sound and animation. Everything you can see and hear is made by ourselves. We create the sound, animations, poetry, illustrations, the story. Everything from scratch. We investigate, experiment, create and discard, destroy, make, re-combine and finally put everything in its place, a process that is very organic and slow, a process that permits us to learn a lot and find new ways of telling our concerns.