A new live cinema performance by Karla Kracht and Andrés Beladiez.

We continue the research line we undertook in our previous work “zoomwooz”, deepening in the different discoverings we made. Again, the aesthetic approach will take us on a path, where live video, shadow play and sound space combine to a format which we call “live-cinema” or “expanded cinema”. We are interested in working “live, in real time. The “now and here”. Also the humanized use of technology, something like “low technology”.

Our new live-cinema work 2062 has been developped at Seoul Art Space Hongeun, at Joao García Miguel’s “La Coisa”, at Festival Alt de Vigo (Co-producer) and Borgo Ensemble Nürnberg.

2062 is the result of a 6 months research, in which we have been investigating forms of story telling, using shadow play, live video, sound and animation. Everything you can see and hear is made by ourselves. We create the sound, animations, poetry, illustrations, the story. Everything from scratch. We investigate, experiment, create and discard, destroy, make, re-combine and finally put everything in its place, a process that is very organic and slow, a process that permits us to learn a lot and find new ways of telling our concerns.


The world will never be the same again… Boarders will turn red again or disappear completely. They will become less accessible. New walls will be build and old ideals will be buried. Wars will be different, but continue killing at ideologic gunpoint. Capitalism, with hardly any opponent, will extend covering the terrestrial world with its coat. Governments will cease their power cells to big corporations. New migrations and an agonised Europe resisting to lose its hegemony. Citizens searching their identities in shopping carts. The 21st century arrived and changed us forever. But we hardly realised it. Somehow everything continues the same…