A performance explains itself where it gets born and where it dies: on stage. Everything else is a useless intent to catch the ephemeral.

However, if you have never seen us working before and don’t know the performance, we try to give you an idea in the following lines.

When the spectator enters the room (it could be a theatre, an art space, a cinema, a fire brigades’ parking, a fuel tank or whatever) he encounters a multitude of objects distributed over the floor,  the walls and platforms that serve as mini film sets with tiny clay, wire, paper and cardboard figures.

Small lights illuminate the stage and project shadows into the space. We move within the stage and we give life to the different hand-made characters. For this we use a camera, torch lights, computer animation, special effects, shadows that interact with the characters and many more things.

All this is projected on a big screen and surround sound.

It’s not about creating a film in real time, which is what we do. We are searching a language, our own way to tell our stories, uniting visual arts, illustration, video processing and sound space, as well as computer animation with scenic arts.

A performance created in the most absolute present, where the real time execution is a elementary factor. As in theatre, we can never make 2 identical performances. It would be impossible and somehow boring.


The technical rider is minimal: we simply need a good sound equipment, an electric plug and a big screen or a clear wall. We can do this performance in theatres, auditories, museums, art spaces and many other interior spaces.… This show is designed to adapt to multiple formats.

If you are interested, please get in contact with us , we are more than happy to provide you with the information you need.

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